holistic web marketing

The very name of our Agency, Holistic Web Marketing, explains our business motto – comprehensive approach to internet marketing where individual segments through synergy create successful strategy. This is a dynamic area where changes happen almost on a daily basis and which require constant improvement and creative thinking.

Modern trends in Internet marketing favor this type of approach where only strategic and long-term thinking can achieve real business success.

One of the most important services that we’re providing is internet marketing strategy which consists of individual segments:

We are also able to provide a turnkey solution with full website development ranging from corporate presentations to advanced custom e-commerce solutions. We offer complete project management service making sure that the whole process is performed with maximum efficiency.

Djordje Jancic

Internet marketing consultant

+381 64 23 666 08

For the past 13 years I've been involved in various online projects as a project manager, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategist, contextual advertising campaigns manager, as well as creating, implementing and optimizing complete online presence strategies as an in-house marketing manager, agency account and as an external consultant. I have been working with local as well as international SMBs, large companies as well as NGOs.
I have a diploma in Public Relations and I've been professionally present in internet marketing since 2008.
Since 2015 I am a permanent lecturer on Internet Academy by Link Group and beside internal company educations, I often hold different lectures and seminars.
For the past couple of years my focus shifted to analytics, data science and business application of AI. I'm a certified Google Ads specialist and member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.
Difficult can be done at once. Impossible takes a little longer.